Grocery Shopping

If you live on your own, grocery shopping is a vital task. When you are approaching the later years in life, it can become quite a challenge both physically and mentally, but 4 Your Love Home Care makes your grocery shopping trips easy. Our professional care providers assist you with your grocery shopping every step of the way, both from your home and in the store with you. We make sure you get everything you need in one trip. 4 Your Love Home Care makes your shopping trip a success by eliminating the struggles of physical limitations and memory loss.

Our caregivers make sure you make it home from the grocery store with everything you need for you and your home.

We ensure your shopping trips are a success by:

  • Making meal plans based on food groups
  • Focusing on nutrition
  • Noting any dietary restrictions
  • Taking inventory on items already in the house
  • Making a list
  • Transportation to the store
  • Assisting in the store and throughout the whole shopping trip
  • Pushing the shopping cart
  • Lifting grocery items
  • Assisting with the purchase at the checkout line
  • Putting the groceries into the vehicle
  • Putting the groceries away upon return to the house

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