Events Assistance

4 Your Love Home Care is dedicated to helping you overcome challenges so you can continue doing what you love. If you have an injury or are just in the elderly years, going to events and outings can be a challenge, therefore our professional caregivers are here to help you by providing you event assistance services. We will also assist you in any way necessary to make sure you can go to events, including helping you prepare and running errands to ensure you have a good time while you are there.

Keep your independence and continue going to the events you love with the assistance of our loving caregivers.

We help you enjoy events by:

  • RSVP and event reminders
  • Assisting with picking the appropriate attire
  • Assisting with dressing into the attire
  • Helping with special grooming such as hair and makeup
  • Creating lists of things to bring to the event
  • Transportation to and from the event
  • Helping you in and out of your vehicle
  • Assisting with stairs, ramps, and other accessibility at the event

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